Established in year 2000, Euro4x4parts are a leading European supplier of 4×4 parts and accessories selling to both trade and individuals in over 150 countries. They have over 50,000 parts in their catalogue, their massive stock allows them to ship very quickly around the world and their international sales team is able to advise you in 16 languages. Furthermore, the company is very much involved in the 4×4 community, offering support to many events, teams and travellers. More than just a company mission, 4×4 is the company’s motto!

Françoise Graciet-Hollender
Email: francoise@euro4x4parts.com


Gladiator Offroad-Technik is a sales  brand of Unit Total Real. The company is specialized in equipment and tuning for the cars with high road ability, as for example for hunting, tourism, expeditions and work in the hard accessible terrains and others. Gladiator Offroad-Technik also project and refit specialized cars for: the struggle with the natural disasters, the border police, the forestry and the forest economies, building the roads, current distribution, a mountainous rescue service, road aid. Using such cars is put by the practice and is used in the entire world, and Gladiator is the only company that offers it in Bulgaria. With the experience gained through the years the company guarantee greater security on and outside the road, make comfort at a driving and change the car from serial to unique.

Vilena Kovatcheva
Marketing & Communication Specialist
Email: info@offroad24.bg


With more than 150 years’ experience in the area of shock absorber solutions KONI has the Know-how to optimise a vehicle’s driving feeling and handling. As a part of ITT Motion Technologies KONI develops, manufactures and markets high class performance shock absorbers for all types of cars and commercial vehicles such as rail vehicles, racing cars, trucks and buses. ITT Motion Technologies is the world leader in the development and production of brake pads and friction materials for the transport and automobile industry.

Clarissa Boomgaards
Marketing & Communication Specialist
Email: clarissa.boomgaards@itt.com


Email: office@horntools.com