EDITION 2017- general info

Balkan Offroad Rallye – “Addiction guaranteed”

16.09. – 23.09.2017

Be prepared for:

  • 8 rally days
  • Around 2500 km off-road on the most beautiful racing tracks in Bulgaria
  • 3 unique bivouac locations incl. a new bivouac
  • Beautiful start
  • Real adventure
  • Incredible prize giving with beach party

What to expect from Balkan Offroad 2017

  • Southeastern Europe’s MOST adventurous and exciting rally
  • 8 days of marathon off-road racing
  • NO race license required
  • All kinds of off-road terrains for CROSS COUNTRY AND EXTREME
  • Highest standard of safety with very short reaction times – off-road and on-road ambulances and rescue helicopter
  •  Professional organisation with international ORGA team
  • Multilingual communication and responsive administration
  • Precise time keeping and speed control
  • Real time livetracking and online results
  • International media coverage
  • Excellent road books
  • Open air bivouacs
  • Modern camp facilities and equipment: shower truck, office, press centre, fan shop, medical point
  • Official rally catering
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Best value for money
  • Bulgaria is an EU member, no visas, no vaccinations required
  • Free airport shuttle
  • Option for hotel accommodation
  • “RACING HOLIDAY” type of event

This year the Balkan Offroad Rallye will be based at the seaside, as we all know that the atmosphere, the great feeling and the fun are also important part of the event. This set up will allow us to explore completely new territory in the west of Black Sea. These new tracks scouted in mid November, never before handled in a rally such as the Breslau’s Balkan Offroad Rallye showed great potential for the Cross country and Extreme categories and even the Trucks!

For the bikes and ATVs there will be dedicated tracks, so we can guarantee variety and 24/7 fun. There will be speed, but also a lot of adventure, navigation and most importantly – many and different beautiful landscapes across Bulgaria.

Extreme adventure trophy – this is the task for the roadbook team which is again making a dedicated tracks for the extreme category competitors. Technical tracks, azimuth courses, river ravines and many breath taking landscapes… but do not expect to go soft. The level has been set, just take a look on the magnificent reports and feedback on the competitor’s FB walls and you will see it all!

3 years in a row the Trucks have been just touching base for the tracks here at Balkan Offroad Rallye. The 2016 edition gave them a real confidence that this is a rare opportunity for a high level competition, not thousand miles away, but here, in Europe to take the truck and go racing. We have even the option to extend the Balkan Offroad Rallye with some specially dedicated tracks for the trucks but it will all depend on you – show us that you will be coming and we will do it even better for you “Big guys”!

The Cross-Country cars will have to face harder navigation, longer stages and to keep all this under control for the 8 legs of the rally. The level is already well known and the standards are high but – expect the unexpected – technical driving, endurance and strategy – skills to be the winner in this prestige event !