BALKAN OFFROAD RALLYE  16.09 – 23.09.2017
The 8-day adventure at the Black Sea

A week at the Black Sea in Bulgaria – normally nothing special for many Europeans, because the so-called “Golden Beach” is one of the most famous touristic regions in Europe. But it´s not usual when sunbathers are exchanged against motor sport vehicles and touristic excursions against high-speed rally stages. Exactly this happened on the “Balkan Offroad Rally”, which ended last Saturday between Varna and Burgas.

For the first time, the 7th edition of the rally did not take place across all Bulgaria, it was hold only in the Black Sea region in the east of the country, divided in the three camps Albena, Primorsko and Shkorpilovtsi. In six loops and two marathon stages, almost the border of Romania was touched to the north and the border of Turkey in the south. Depending on the class, up to 2402 kilometres had to be handled for the competitors.

107 teams, divided in 48 cars, 26 motorcycles, 4 quads / ATV, 21 SSV (side-by-side) and 8 trucks from all over Europe and even Dubai registered in the race. 120 people were working in the organisation behind the scenes. And with the exception of half a day, the weather also rewarded the rally with sun and comfortable heat.

A special feature of the rally was the division between the “Extreme” (EX) and “Cross Country” (CC) class. While the CC participants were forced to conquer many kilometres as fast as possible, for the trophy-style EX participants the right skill and technique was more essential on somewhat shorter distances.




The rally began with very fast stages – who decided to start calmly risked to be in arrears early, so the fastest strengthen their leadership right from the first day.

A good example for a perfect start we could find in the SSV class. The Belgians Thierry Gerome / Geoffrey Noel de Burlin (Polaris RZR) secured a big lead at the very first day, extended it during the race and finished as the winners 02:02:22 hours in front of the French Frederic Baudet / Delphine Delfino (Polaris 1000) and the German-Austrian team Christian Czerny / Matthias Vetiska (Polaris 1000, +02:25:28, started on the first day as the last participant). Finally the top 5 were completed by the Belgian-Swiss duo Fabrice Della Barbera and Pascal Troyon in a Rage Buggy (+02:54:01) and the two Swiss Miroslav Kubicek / Franc Bronislav (Polaris Ranger, +03:13:20).


This process was similar in the motobikes category. The Austrian Beat Juen (KTM EXC530) and the German Oliver Post (KTM EXC450) settled from the rest of the field right from the start. After Post had to retire because of an accident on the third day, Juen still had a good lead – but the field catched up properly. Nearly every day there were new stage winners, especially the Dutch riders Rico van der Sanden (KTM EXC500), Henno van Bergijk (Husaberg 450), Simon Schimmel (Husqvarna 450), German Frank Weisbach (KTM EXC500), Lithuanian Irmantas Braziunas (KTM EXC450) or the Swiss Philipp Kunz (KTM EXC450) made it always pulsating.

Finally KTM driver Beat Juen won the rally in the bikes-category 00:34:44 minutes ahead of Rico van der Sanden and 01:20:10 hours before Henno van Bergeijk, followed by Schimmel (+01:41:46) and Weisbach (+01:47:08).


In the Quads the decision of the final one-two was almost also made in the first two days. The Swiss Pierre Michel (Can Am), who drove between the first bikes, led the Dutch rider Guido Slaats (KTM XC525), while Peter Groneschild and Guido Drooghaag (both Holland, both Yamaha Raptor) lost many time at the beginning. But the things turned: Groneschild and Drooghaag increased their speed but could not gain the lost time. And also Pierre Michel had bad luck in one day, had to leave the lead to Slaats – who did´nt thought about a second to give it back. In the end, Slaats won with 01:28:06 hours ahead of Michel, +05:58:43 hours on Groneschild and +26:07:46 hours on Drooghaag.


We are honest, unlike the bikes, quads, SSV and cars, in the trucks the discrepancy between the vehicles was like to compare apples with pears. Heavy-duty MAN Kat 8×8 and 4×4 or Mercedes 6×6 against an “untested” light SCORE Ford Bronco against a pink old Iveco called “submarine” – and three fast and experienced competition trucks, the starter field could´nt be more different. So it was clear from the beginning who will fight for the win, but surprisingly we saw a very constant race between the three pacemakers all the days.

Even the Ford Bronco of the Germans Muellenheim / Muellenheim / Glawe (well experienced with Mercedes Unimog trucks) and the Mercedes 6×6 of the Germans Neubert / Neubert / Hanuschkaewitz could sometimes keep up with the speed of the leaders – the power and driving performance of the former Dakar-Tatra 815 of Ales Loprais (now owned and driven by the team Heuer / Richter / Henschel from Germany), the former factory Kamaz (now owned and driven by the Germans Sueptitz / Steinbach / Hiller) and the self-built Mercedes-Benz with Scania-look of the Dutch crew De Wit / De Wit / Breed was imposing.

The Mercedes, Tatra and Kamaz drove their own race, all the days close to each other, sometimes like a convoy and sometimes with some gaps. Not only the technical performance, also the driving skills of the crews were similar – so finally the team with the most “painlessness” won the rally. The Mercedes of the Dutch Leon de Wit started with the most rally-experience, the truck tipped sometimes in his previous life and – sorry, Leon – looked a little “more used”.

So the Dutch crew “don´t give a sh…” on the material, pushed the Mercedes through the sometimes rugged or narrow and deep forest tracks – and gained the victory with 00:33:23 minutes lead over the Tatra 815 and +02:09:59 hours to the Kamaz. With 15:13:25 hours more the Mercedes 6×6 finished fourth, with +18:33:57 the MAN Kat 8×8 of the Germans Britz / Britz as fifth while the MAN Kat 4×4 with MAN F90-look of the Germans Paas / Buettner had to retire after the first day.

And also the Ford Bronco finally won: In the class of the light trucks, in front of the pink Iveco “submarine” of the Germans Gregor Tilch and Marcel Braehmer (who make a break for two days and almost burned their truck in the camp – but this is a different story).


“Bumper to bumper” – this is the easiest to describe the race of the fast cross country cars. Last year’s winner Frank Stensky (Mercedes G Proto) was back to defend his title, but with the comeback of his son Stephan as navigator, who retired from the motorsport for the past five years to force his career. But in the fight for the victory, the two German were not alone…

To name a few, their strongest rivals were the last year´s second, the Bulgarians Doncho Canev / Zornitsa Todorova with their Buggy, the Dutch crews Schoolderman / Blankestijn (4×4 Ermelo Toyota Landcruiser) and Jasper / Blaauw (Bowler Nemesis), the Bulgarians Slavchev / Staynova (Mercedes G) Stoyanov / Radev (Nissan Navara) and Cholakov / Zhekov (Toyota Hilux) or the Bowler Nemesis crew Bomba / Bomba from Poland

From the first day, the cars were close to each other, fighting for seconds in the daily rankings. Schoolderman, Stensky, Canev, Slavchev and Stoyanov secured the top 5 in the first days, additionally the two black Mercedes G Pickup of Stensky/Stensky and Slavchev/Staynova started their own personal duel.

The Bulgarian Toyota Hilux lost essential time after technical problems in the first days, the Bulgarian Mercedes G had to retire because of a broken axle and so the two Bowler Nemesis of Jasper and Bomba recruited the group of the top 5 and made it more colorful.

In the end, Schoolderman, Stensky and Canev were only a few minutes apart from each other while the gap to the followers went bigger – but the top 3 drivers did´nt slow down to secure their podium-places, no, they now really started to fight for the overall win. Schoolderman / Blankestijn, in the past years podium- and forth-place-experienced but never winning here, pushed their Toyota to the limits. The Stensky´s also with only 6 minutes gap in the final stage – but they forced too hard, rolled their Mercedes in the last kilometers of the race and not only lost the chance to win, they also lost the second position to Canev / Todorova, who before had 25 minutes to the leader… The top 5 were completed by Jasper / Blaauw (+01:34:05) and Stoyanov / Radev (+02:09:46).


“First colourful mixed and then stable”: The easiest words to summarise the result in the extreme cars.

Highly modified prototypes met on almost standard cars – but all had the same, hard tough terrain.

The field started mixed within the first days, but then even former leaders or favourites had their problems with their material or the terrain, with intervals rarely seen before.

A battle of material through water, over rocks, trees and normally impassable terrain, supplemented with fast passages, from time to time shared with the cross country cars.
In the end, the quality of the material and skills of the pilots were decisive. France’s Franck Daurelle and Francoise Hollender of the team 4×4 Europarts won with their tough-made Land Rover Defender Prototype and a big gap of 03:41:44 hours in front of their compatriots Christophe Moine / Olivier Vailleau (also Land Rover). With 06:33:26 hours to the winners, the Swiss Daniel Vetter and Petra Kropp finsihed third with their newly “Swiss-accurate” built Toyota Land Cruiser Proto, 00:48:43 minutes before the French Mauro / Mauro in a Suzuki-prototype and 04:23:23 in front of the Italian-German duo Amort / Ruhaltinger in a nearly serial Tomcat.


Incredible speed, big hearts and a lot of dust

You needed a big heart on the stage today, with dust and high speeds on the small Bulgarian tracks. ‘It was a fantastic stage,’ says Thierry Gerome with a smile. ‘We danced with our Polaris on the track, going from jump to jump and from corner to corner.’ He was leading all day, chasing motorbikes and quads on the fast stage.

Beat Juen and Oliver Post set the speed on this stage, flying over the tracks on their motorbikes. It is a miracle to see the smoothness of the riding and navigation, and hard to beat for those who follow. In the Quad class Guido Slaats takes the win as his competitors have problems with the dust.

Fighting for the win are Frank Stensky and Doncho Canev, who battle all day long on the stage. ‘Doncho overtook us when we had to stop for a temperature problem,’ says co-driver Stephan Stensky. ‘We managed to make up for the lost time, but it was not an easy ride today!’

Desislav Slavchev had to work hard today, chasing car after car in the dust. He overtook at least 20 cars today, a daunting task in the thick dust on the stage. ‘I stopped counting the cars we overtook, but now we have a proper start position for tomorrow!’ he says.

Dust was the challenge for today. Either you risk it and drive through the dust, or you slow down to have a clear view of the track. ‘For me there is a mental and technical limit,’ says Bernd Jaeger, who finished fourth today. ‘If I go beyond 120 kmh, I know my cv-joints overheat and the cv-boots will break. I prefer to keep the car under control.’

Master of high speed Herman Jasper had to cope with the dust, overtaking vehicles and driving carefully to keep his fast Nemesis under control. ‘These stages are made for us, but with the dust we decided to be careful. It was fantastic driving, but only the first of eight days!’

‘We reached 130 kmh today, and the truck did not want to go any faster. I don’t know if we’ve been faster then this before, it was a nice stage today!’ Breslau winner Leon de Wit is happy to be in Bulgaria with the truck, taking the win for the first stage, ahead of Tom Heuer with Tatra and Tilo Suptitz in Kamaz.

The Balkan Offroad Rallye has started with a nice and fast stage. Tomorrow the race moves to the second bivouac in Primorsko, with a long stage crossing many mountains and completely different scenery from today. It will be a technical stage for the lovers of mountains, rocks and wide views.

When a day of adventure becomes a night of getting home…

As the sun set over the finishline there were still competitors arriving, with faces full of dust and a day full of adventure. Reaching the end can be a pleasant experience, especially after almost 500 km of rallytrack. Most of them are done and dusted, and we enjoy the special stories that are part of racing the Balkan Offroad Rallye.

Leon de Wit is the first truck driver to arrive, happy to be in front of the competition. ‘Today the dust was our enemy,’ he says. ‘Tomorrow it will be our friend.’ Fighting for each meter of track with Tom Heuer, he was happy to see the Tatra disappear in the wrong direction. ‘He let us pass earlier, incredibly friendly as I was not even on the horn. We spend the day racing together and Tom can be very fast with his new truck.’

Lea and Isabelle Gauthier race with their Yamaha. It is an unexpected return to co-driving for Isabelle as she guides her daughter over the stage. Several Dakars, a Master Rally with René Metge and many adventures in the desert might be long ago, but the years in between disappear when you can be a navigator for your own child, racing together.

Racing is winning, and Lea takes this as serious as her father, who cannot be here because of his health. ‘Now we will hold the flag of our family team,’ she says, ‘Two blondes in the Yamaha!’ It is an adventurous day for the team, as they roll the Yamaha and need to find rhythm in the race. Guidance comes from home, as Philippe follows their steps on the online tracking.

The fastest in the Balkan Offroad Rallye so far

Today was one of the fastest days in the Balkan Offroad Rallye so far, on fast flowing tracks. Reaching the top speed of your vehicle is something special, racing at the limit of what you can and dare to do. Still, navigation decided the fate of the front runners, as several of the fastest teams lost time finding their way in the forest..

Doncho Canev wins the stage today, a fantastic result for this fast Bulgarian team. They managed to find the way and use the potential of their vehicle to the max. It was a day of dust, in which you need a big heart to overtake and make some speed.

‘We got lost!’ says Stephan Stensky, co-driver of Frank Stensky. They loose at least 20 minutes on Ronald Schoolderman who is leading the overal ranking. ‘Already 8 kilometer after the start we missed a tulip!’ Even though Frank tried to speed they still lost time on the leaders of the race today, battling with the dust.

‘For us it is good news,’ says Marcel Blankestijn, co-driver of Ronald Schoolderman. They are leading the overal ranking in their fast Toyota ORD 1, and it brings happiness to the team. ‘Today we were able to drive freely and race at our maximum. When you are in front you have to defend your position, but you have free sight and no dust.’

Racing along the outer edge of Europe like the Balkan Offroad Rallye did today is something different. Fast flowing tracks, up and downhill in a beautiful way make for happy drivers. ‘It is like skiing with your car!’ says Herman Jasper with a smile from ear to ear. Not all co-drivers agree though, as Thierry Gerome is beaming with joy from a fantastic drive his good friend and co-driver points at the forehead..

Not just for the fastest teams these stage are a pleasure, everyone enjoys this type of driving. ‘We went like a Swiss clockwork today,’ says Jean Francois Ryo, ‘and Marie-Aline made no mistake in the navigation at all!’ Their nice T2 Land Cruiser 120 was flying over the gravel, in a landscape similar to what they have at home. ‘We live in the east of France near the Alps and it looks just the same. And we are lucky that Alex organises a race like this, so we can enjoy it in the competition!

Richard Oguez lets the Tomcat fly, reaching the finish at high speed. ‘Can you imagine, I have my old Extreme car and I am racing with the pro’s!’ He is smiling at the finish line, enjoying the game together with his good friends. As his good friend Gilles Girousse arrives we receive a potential alarming situation on the stage, with a Dutch team.

‘Yes, we missed the turn!’ says Erno van Lieshout. He missed the turn, flew off the bridge and landed the car on the side and back on its wheels. ‘It was quite a jump, but when we were back on the wheels everything still worked! We checked the car and started looking for a way out of the small canyon.’ They quickly found a good route and made it to the finish line of the third stage of the Balkan Offroad Rallye!

A true ‘Balkan’ stage!

’This was a proper off-road stage!’ says Max Delfino, co-driver of Gilles Girousse. ‘It was technical, fantastic to drive and in a wonderful landscape. I love stages like this. This is rallyraid, not WRC. Wow!’ Todays 200 kilometer of special stage across the mountains were a challenge for the drivers and the vehicles, a true ‘Balkan’ stage.

Right from the start is was clear this day would bring change to the overall ranking, favouring experienced off-road drivers and good navigators. Richard Oguez was one of them, but he lost time at the end of the day after hitting a tree. ‘Also my shocks are dead, the car is bouncing around like a boat!’

A long and technical stage can be very difficult if you try to go too fast, even if you have won the event in the past. Today a broken rear axle spoiled the battle of Desislav and Margarita for the podium. Their famous black G-Wagon gave up – for now at least. As we write this the recovery crew is busy taking them out of the stage.

Simon Schimmel, the motorbike rider who won in 2013 has returned to race at a moderate pace. ‘But when I found myself in the ranking among the front runners I did not understand it. I am riding really relaxed! The track this year are nice, I myself love the mountains around Sofia a lot but you can see the effort that went into making a nice route!’

‘Can you imagine that there are people who are working right now, in airconditioned rooms?’ Racing a Polaris 1000, Christian Czerny is fully dusted and warm from the Bulgarian Summer. ‘With tracks like this, I don’t want to have anything else. The road book is written for the Polaris, fantastic!’

Rallyraid is much more a psychological game then you would think, luring you with high speed and adrenaline. When do you overtake, what do you want to risk..? Nikolao Papanastasis, the Greek driver in the Can Am Maverick X3 took a little too much risk in the dust, and rolled his SSV.

‘I feel privileged to race here,’ says Pieter Labuschagne with a smile. Coming from South Africa he is enjoying the Balkan Offroad Rallye to the max. ‘I am not a good navigator, but I am fit. When the other guys are done and over with, I can open the throttle and ride even faster.’

The Balkan Offroad Rallye 2017 is half way, and it starts to wear on the teams and on the vehicles. In the next days we will see who is able to stay in the front, or who can catch a few places with careful and precise driving.

All good things come in thirds

‘I am done, really!’ says Beat Juen, the first competitor to finish the race today. He had a tough time on the technical third specials today. ‘The first two stages were fine, but the last knocked me out!’ With three different specials the competitors had a bit of everything, allowing everyone to shine in their favourite terrain.

Being the fastest biker requires skill and speed. ‘I have a trick,’ says Beat Juen with a smile. ‘My bike has the bigger motor, allowing for high speeds. In the valleys this morning I reached 175kmh, a fantastic speed. Especially on the long runs from hill to hill you can see kilometers ahead and make good progress.’

Guido Slaats is the first quad to arrive, happy with the different sections today. ‘If you have only fast stages, it gets boring. If there are only technical tracks you get tired, but this has everything. I really enjoyed today, it was tough but a great ride. ‘The other’ Guido on the quad, Guido Drooghaag arrives quickly after him, happy with a perfect day. ’The organisation rescued me from the forest a few days ago when my quad broke down, but we fixed it and I am racing again!

‘Even if you ride a motorbike all year round, doing a stage like this is still a big thing!’ Bernd von Osten is happy to arrive at the finishline, smiling from ear to ear and very tired. Henno van Bergeijk has the same problem. ‘I prefer the fastest stages, and perhaps I can gain some time in the next days. On this one I just had to hold on, hang on and reach the finishline!’

Something has unleashed Frank Stensky today, as he is flying across the stage and takes over ten minutes lead on Ronald Schoolderman. ‘I did not drive slower in the previous days,’ he says. ‘We just had issues on each stage so far, this is the first time everything works and we can race at our own pace!’ The card were not so good for Ronald today, with engine problems and a navigation mistake. Marcel Blankestijn: ‘I sent Ronald into the wrong direction, it was a difficult situation to find and Stephan had the right track.’

In the SSV ranking Thierry Gerome has issues with the steering box on the Polaris. ‘Can you imagine, we drove 100 km with a loose steering box! I did not dare to go fast, so we lost time.’ This is the moment of opportunity for Ralf Berlit, who finishes as first SSV today. It is not only the fastest growing class, it is also a very fast class with new models coming out each year. ‘We have bought the Maverick X3 as we wait for our new Herrador buggy, and it is a really nice vehicle!’

As the night falls there are many competitors on the stage, trying to reach the finish line. Today was a normal stage, tomorrow we head north to Shkorpilovtsi, the final bivouac on the beach of the Black Sea!

‘The ranking changes every day!’

‘On the Balkan Offroad Rallye no one is sure of their position in the ranking, something happens every day!’ Henno van Bergeijk is enjoying the race, even though he has messed up his navigation on several occasions. ‘I wanted azimuths, and I got them. Today I ended up in a canyons, sometimes I cannot understand my own choices!’

Today the rain messed with the schedule of the stage, as a thunderstorm passed over the first stage. ‘It is a tradition,’ says Konstantin from the roadbook team. Even front runners like Ronald Schoolderman got stuck in the mud on the first special, so the organiser led the cars around the blockage, neutralised the time and made sure everyone could start in the second stage.

‘And that second stage made up for all the rain and mud!’ Beat Juen is smiling from ear to ear. ‘It was fast, fantastic. You cannot imagine how they make the roadbooks here, it is a treat to ride them. In the forest is can be though, if you make one mistake you’re out. Today we had everything, except snow of course!’

Helping each other is a good tradition in rallyraid, as there is always a tomorrow. ‘We found Olaf and his Suzuki in the forest,’ says Raymond van Hoeijen. ‘Both the bike and the rider were ‘broken’, so we dragged them out. It took quite a bit of work, but we had excellent fun today!’

And when all else fails, you call race control. Right on the crest of a mountain, Pierre Michel broke the rear trailing arm of his Can am. ‘Last night I welded the chassis, today I break my trailing arm. It will be a short night again!’ Luckily the recovery truck is nearby, and as we hear the sound of the Deutz diesel in the valley Pierre looks more relaxed.

The recovery crew puts the bed of the truck down, right in front of the quad. With a rope and the winch they pull Pierre’s Can am onto the truck, ready to take off. A quick look on the tracking shows they have a good timeframe to reach the asphalt without disturbing any competitors, and off they go. It is a great asset to have such an experienced recovery crew at the Balkan Offroad Rallye, and even though they arrive in troublesome times most competitors are only happy to see them!

The long stage means there are still competitors on their way to the bivouac. Driving at night is a special experience, but everyone is happy when they reach the final bivouac, on the beach of the Black Sea in Shkorpilovtsi!

Close racing on the 7th stage

‘It was the best stage of the race so far,’ says Doncho Canev, who was fighting with Frank Stensky and Ronald Schoolderman during the full stage. Nose next to nose, wheel next to wheel, face to face. ‘We were racing as fast as we could, the copilot was working as hard as possible. Only when Frank had his puncture we were able to shake him off, and we finished together with Ronald Schoolderman.’

Racing is about driving pleasure, and what is nicer than a stage full of competition? Not just the front runners have this pleasure, today we saw an intense fight between two Toyota’s, the French Jeremy Rosieux and the Dutch Pierre Statz. ‘We raced together at least 40 kilometer. Those guys are really fast, we had to push to compete with them! But this is what makes a rally special. great tracks and the fun you have together.’

The first stage was beautiful, leading the competitors onto the crest of the hills, for a long driver on a fantastic track before a steep downhill. Jean Jacques Jousseau is delighted: ‘This is fantastic terrain. Can you imagine driving on top of the world, and at speed?’ For Gilles Girousse it was more difficult to drive here, as he had lost his brakes and had to drive in the low gear. ‘Even the downhill we did like this, we just wanted to finish the race!’

One of the special vehicles in this race is a Czech Subaru, fitted with a rollcage, better suspension and gravel tyres. ‘It weighs only 1150 kilo,’ says Jiri Strejc, who has a workshop in Subaru’s in Czechya. ‘And with 160hp it is powerful enough to go everywhere.’ Miloslav Janacek, his codriver has a lot of experience, including 6 Dakars and the Czech offroad championship. ‘We really like the race so far, it is great for our vehicle and the routes are fantastic,’ he says.

Tomorrow is the final day and as soon as the results come in, we will know what the ‘endgame’ will look like!

Balkan Offroad Rallye 2017: Finale Grande!

On the last day of the Balkan Offroad Rallye nothing was certain for the teams, with two fast and difficult stages that brought them from Rudnik to the north and back to Shkorpilovtsi. It was the last change to move in the ranking. Frank Stensky almost lost the podium, as he crashed the car on the last kilometers before the sprint on the beach.

Reaching the beach of Shkorpilovtsi is a special moment: the kilometers long run to the finish line is a thrill, as the sand pulls hard on the car and you need considerable speed to come on top of it. Dunes to the left, sea to the right and full gas towards the finishline!

In the Enduro CC ranking Beat Juen (AT) takes the win, after 8 days of racing. He is at his best when he can open the throttle, leaving the competition behind. Guido Slaats (NLD) wins the ATV ranking, a great navigator and fast rider.

Thierry Gerome came back for the trophy with his new Polaris 1000 turbo, and together with Geoffrey Noel de Burlin he finished with a big lead in the SSV ranking. Car Limited is the standard class, for near original vehicles. Here Erno van Lieshout and Eugene Kesselaar (NLD) score an excellent first place with the Toyota 200. Also on Toyota are the overall winners of the Car class, Ronald Schoolderman and Marcel Blankestijn from the Netherlands.

In the small truck ranking the Ford Bronco of Felix and Michael Muellenheim and Boris Glawe takes the lead. Winners of the big truck class are Leon de Wit, Co de Wit and Andre Breed, the famous truck racing team from the Netherlands.

In the Balkan Offroad Rallye there is a ‘hidden gem’, our Extreme Class for both limited vehicles and prototypes. Roland Brack and Carmen Dolores Hrup lead the limited class. With their new vehicle, Franck Daurelle and Francoise Hollender win the overall ranking of this class.

After the ceremony and the fireworks the classic Bulgarian dancers take over the beach, dancing on hot charcoal. It’s the end of the Balkan Offroad Rallye and the start of a night-long party at the Black Sea!