Discover Bulgaria like never before!


15.09.2018 – 22.09.2018


The Balkan Offroad Discovery Category is an offroad challenge allowing you to follow the Balkan Offroad Rally on real rally tracks in the footsteps of the rally-pilots – but without driving against the clock, even suitable for less-experienced drivers and without the need of a rally-car.

Discover the Balkan Offroad Rally on special sections of original rally-stages and dedicated tracks via roadbook and GPS with your own 4×4. You will be part of the big rally-family and live the rally life with briefings, bivouacs and catering.

When you are not racing, you have time to enjoy the fantastic landscape with mountain passes, deep forests, wide open views, wineyards, the beach at the Black Sea or you can explore the villages and cities next to the rally tracks.

The Balkan Discovery category is open for ATV, SSV and cars. And because we don´t want to “throw you in the cold water”, a theoretical navigation and roadbook training will be part of our Discovery concept – so will be practical advices for driving on local terrain.


Discover Bulgaria like never before!



1 person team



2-person team



2-person team*

* Each additional member costs €300


Explore Bulgarian beauty

Discover the beauty of Bulgaria, far away from the big cities.

You will start in the Rila-mountains in the west of Bulgaria, crossing the country in direction east, passing deep forests, wide open hills, rivers and lakes, beautiful valleys and wineyards until you will reach the beach of the Black Sea in the eastern border of the European Union.

A unique varying and colourful landscape under the warm Mediterranean climate…


What you need to discover

Minimum a driver and codriver with valid driving licence and insurance.

A road legal, suitable 4×4 vehicle with All-Terrain or Mud-Terrain tyres. A working rally-computer (or a way to display distances, even a mobile phone app can do the required task).

A cigarette-lighter socket or 12V-plug for powering the GPS-unit. Safety belts for the passengers (up to four). Additional power cables to power the Rally Safety System.


Hotels, Camps, Shuttle

You have the choice: With our Hotel package (additionally) you will enjoy the comfort of 4-5 star hotels every night including Catering (breakfast, lunch package and dinner).

With the Camp-option (included) you are free to sleep in your tent or your car, backed by the security of a rally-camp and with mobile showers. Catering (breakfast, lunch package and dinner) included.

If you are coming by plane, we offer a shuttle-service from Sofaia airport to first camp and from the last camp to Varna airport (additionally).


You are never alone here

Our approved live tracking will always know where you are and special educated operators will follow the rally with the tracking every day until the last participant, rally or discovery, will reach the bivouac. If you are on the wrong track, if you have to stop because of
technical problems or an accident, we always will find you in seconds. And the best: Your friends and family at home can follow you live


Helicopter, Doctors, Help

Safety first! The rally and discovery categories will be accompanied by an experienced medical crew with off-road medical cars, which are placed on strategic positions all over the stages. Also the event is covered by a helicopter, so in the worst case there will be help in minutes, even if you are far away from the next roads, villages or cities. The medical crew is cooperating always with our satellite tracking crew.


Will always help you out

If you have a technical problem and the car is not possible to move, we also don´t let you alone. The rally and discovery classes are protected by an experienced recovery crew with small and big recovery trucks.
Equal if you stuck in the high mountains, in the deep forest, in a silent valley or simply the beach: We will pull your car and equipment
out and will transport everything back to the next camp. Included.