DAY 8 – Balkan Extreme: Reach the end! 

DAY 8 – Balkan Offroad Rallye: It ain’t over till it is over

One loop close to the beach, through the forest just south of Shkorpilovtsi. This would be the last stage for the Extreme competitors, but it proved to be a tough and difficult day!

‘It was very tricky today, I needed 100% percent concentration!’ says Francoise, arriving as first car in the finish today. Her driver Franck is proud of the work they did today. ‘This day is for the navigator, it was very difficult. And when we saw Jim searching on the stage, we knew there was a change to get the here. 

After Franck Daurelle, Christophe Moine is the second car today. ‘I burnt my clutch!’ he says, happy it is the last day and the car can be fixed in the workshop at home. ‘Normally we have no chance,’ he continues. ‘But on this race, the balance is the most important. The engine, the suspension, everything needs to be ok for the driving style and experience of the teams. 

‘We messed up,’ says James Ayre, Jim Marsdens co-driver. ‘I just could not find it, so we drove around to find it. ‘This allows other teams to get ahead and try opening the stage.’As long as we did not loose the lead we had built, I was fine with it,’ says Jim. 

Josselin is perfectly happy with his car, being the young racers allowed at the Balkan Extreme this year. ‘It performs so well!’ he says. ‘I had only three weeks to prepare the teams. Anneke Crijns loves the stages, racing with Ronny van Baal in the blue Toyota LJ70. ‘It is just that we cannot reach the finish on time,’ says Anneke, ‘because our car is not fast and the pace of the event is quite high.’ 

Tonight the pricegiving was the closing of the race, and the competitors will travel back home after 8 days of fantastic racing. New plans are being made, and for next year we invite the trophy scene to  beautiful Bulgaria for the Balkan Extreme!