DAY 7: Balkan Offroad Rallye – Almost there!

DAY 6 – Balkan Extreme: Almost 240 km of special stage
DAY 7 – Balkan Extreme: training for the final day

A big loop of almost 200 km special stage for the Cross Country class, bringing the competitors into the hills for a partially technical, partially superfast stage on one of the last days of the Balkan Offroad Rallye!

SS 1 Shkorpilovtsi – Sini Rid 86,02km

A technical stage starts right from the bivouac, following riverbeds and natural lines in the landscape. Passing beautiful Golitsa the roadbook follows the Eleshnitsa river to the south. As the fields turn into forest the navigation becomes more difficult and the speed goes down on the last section before Sini Rid.

SS 2 Razhitsa – Preobrazhentsi 38,09km

Give it all on this superfast stage, where we might see times close to 30 minutes from start to finish. A true sprint in which you can loose more than you can win. But as we are getting closer to the end.. Before entering the forest near the finish the navigation gets difficult, one of the risks of the high speeds of this stage..

SS 3 Planinitsa – Ovchaga 84,19km

The day closes with a beautiful stage through the hills with huge stones and washed out riverbeds with blue rocks, waterfalls and fantastic light between the trees. It is a fairy tale, a paradise – it is Bulgaria. Climb into the hills on the way north towards the valley of Veselinovo, before turning east after Yankovo. The final section of the stage to Ovchaga is fast, a great way to end a long day behind the wheel!