DAY 1 – Balkan Offroad Rallye: With your head in the clouds
DAY 1 – Balkan Offroad Rallye: The Bulgarians master the mountains!

SS 1 Borovets – Borovets 60,14km
How much time do you need to cross 60 km of roadbook, in the mountains? Today the competitors who entered into the Balkan Extreme will learn more about the mountains and about the intentions of the organisers than they can imagine.. due to the heavy rains earlier this year the roadbook team had to fight to find passable tracks, and what remains will be truly adventurous driving. Heading north the route passes old villages and tracks that have not been used for a long time. After reaching the most northern point of the race follows an old pipeline track which should give some comfort to the exhausted crews. East of Samokov the teams will search for the correct track, and perhaps enjoy the magnificent panorama in the background. Going down into the valley brings the them to several tough sections leading back into the mountains for the final challenge of the first day of the Balkan Offroad Rallye in the Extreme class!