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DAY 1 – Extreme: Mountaineering in the 4×4

The longest Balkan Offroad Rallye since the beginning in 2011 will go from the mountains to the sea, passing the most beautiful areas in Bulgaria. Today the start of the race will be near Borovets, with two stages for the Cross Country class.

SS 1 Alino – Saparevo 74,36km

SS1 starts just north of Alino, for 75 km at high altitude. Racing with your head in the clouds, hoping to keep calm on the mountain tracks that will be home to the Balkan Offroad Rallye for the first few days. The stage crosses the forests towards Shiroki Dol, and head north-west for high speed sections on the open spaces above the vegetation line. From here the roadbook team assumes you have had enough time to find your rythm, and the navigation will become more difficult. After passing the last valley, the stage ends at Saparevo on a very step downhill track.

SS 2 Yahinovo – Govedartsi 82,40km

SS2 starts at Yahinovo for 82km with the famous toaster tracks leading up into the mountains, a lust for the teams and the photographers. A day in the mountains is always a day to remember, perhaps not the easiest for the teams. When the terrain gets more technical, the roadbook is quite difficult. As the teams pass above the vegetation line they are racing on wide tracks with beautiful corners and special panoramas. At Govedartsi the finish of the first awaits them..