BALKAN OFFROAD RALLYE – “Addiction guaranteed…”

8 racing days and around 2500 km off-road on the most beautiful racing tracks in Bulgaria.

In the early years the rally was called “Munich – Breslau” and was, as the name implies, first launched in 1995 from Munich with 35 cars, 20 motorcycles and 5 trucks at the start.

Since its founding, the rally has been through many changes – starting from Munich, Berlin, Dresden and even Breslau (Wroclaw). However, there was no bigger change than taking the Breslau to an entirely new terrain, and replacing the sand and the marshes of Poland with the mountains and the coast in Bulgaria.

The first Breslau Balkan took place in September 2011, starting in the Carpathian Mountains going all the way to the shores of the Black Sea in Bulgaria and back to Sibiu in Romania. The first event enabled competitors to discover a new adventure playground but given the logistical difficulties of organising a race over the two countries it was decided that with Alex Kovatchev’s experience and strong team in Bulgaria, from 2012 the Balkan Breslau would take place in Bulgaria only.

The 2012 edition of the Breslau Balkan saw the number of cars double and the Breslau Balkan has now established itself as a very viable option for the classic Extreme category fans as well as for the new fast Cross Country competitors.

In the next years the competition raised to one of the best cross-country and extreme rallies in Europe. The level of the event continued towards the top world level and it was recognized by fans and authorities as one of the biggest motorsport events in the country.

In 2015 there was a big change, as Alex Kovatchev decided to change the name and drop the Breslau brand, moving on with the name Balkan Offroad Rallye. The reason was the grown popularity and the location of the race, factors in favor of continuing with new, more recognizable for the local racers, fans and media name.

In 2015 and 2016 editions started at the most famous square in the city center of the capital Sofia. The entry list of the rally expanded to a regular number over 100 competitors and the accommodation and the race related services went to another, hardly achieved by another competition level.

The diverse terrain in Bulgaria meant that there was something for everybody. The fast forest tracks and even faster plains followed by the technical beach sections suited the cross-country and the technically challenging forest sections mixed in with trial sections and some mud meant that the extreme category had it own difficulties. After a tough day of racing nothing better than to arrive at breathtaking locations for some local food at our well organised bivouacs.

The free airport shuttle service also contributed to making the whole arrival and departure process less stressful.

The Organiser offers exclusively for competitors and service members an option for hotel accommodation. You can combine a rally experience with a holiday feeling.

Balkan Offroad Rallye added even more flavor of sporting spirit, team play and lived up all expectations as this new edition showed great success. It enabled competitors to discover a brand new adventure playground.