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We cannot guarantee that they cover all technical requirements
of the certain subcategory.


extreme class


What to expect from Balkan Offroad Rallye 2018:

  • 8 rally days through the most beautiful parts of Bulgaria. Bulgaria has diverse terrain to offer – unknown even for most of the Europeans.
  • A subcategory for modified cars!
  • Dedicated tracks for the extreme category competitors.
  • “Limited” and “Open” subcategories shared the same tracks.
  • Technical tracks, azimuth courses, river ravines and many breath taking landscapes.
  • Sporting rights
  • Overall supervision
  • Multilingual communication and responsive administration
  • Rally tracks with challenging navigation
  • Rally safety system, speed control and very accurate timekeeping
  • Rental of GPS tracker
  • Results processing, online timing, live tracking and updates on the website and social media
  • Administrative set (ID card, bracelets, stickers etc.)
  • Access to rally infrastructure and to service area
  • Road book (no additional costs for roll road book)
  • General Third Party Liability Insurance
  • Professional medical assistance
  • Recovery service
  • Meals at the camps (breakfast, lunch package, dinner) included in the official rally catering
  • Sanitary facilities (WC and showers)
  • Personal gift from the FAN SHOP
  • Award ceremony
  • Free of charge marketing materials

Specific requirements: 

There is no limitation.
Wheel options are unlimited. Bead locks are allowed. Wheel spacers are permitted.
Axles and axle housings are free. Hubs and drop axles and reduction hubs are free. Portal axles are free.
The braking system may be modified provided that the braking performance of the vehicle meets or exceeds the vehicle’s original braking performance. The composition of the brake pads/linings is free.
Gearboxes are free. Gearbox ratios are free.
Modifications and components are free Suspension type can be changed and modified. The number of shock absorbers is free.
The engine can be changed. Modifications on the engine are free. Aftermarket turbo or supercharge conversions are free. Aftermarket or custom build intercoolers are free. Snorkels and aftermarket air filter arrangement are free. Alternators are free. Headlight inserts and globes are free. Taillights, stop lights and reversing lights are free.
The chassis modifications are free.
Body modifications are free. Aftermarket composite or fiber glass panels are permitted.


Please refer to the RALLY REGULATIONS for all details.

What is NOT included in the entry fee:

  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Transport of participants and their vehicles
  • Fuel
  • Personal expenses
  • Deposit for Rally Safety System
  • Hotel accommodation package at Balkan Offroad
  • Flights
  • Extra food and drinks not included in the official rally catering

Please refer to the Rally Regulations for more details.